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How would it feel to experience more clarity, ease and peace of mind when it comes to your money?

Hi there! I’m Vuyo. I am a behavioral money coach. I work with people who desire a more fulfilling life. I help you to connect with what is truly important to you so that you can build a life that is financially fulfilling.

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One of the keys to creating a fulfilling life is to develop an awareness and understanding of oneself.


The Money Type Quiz is a tool that I use to help you understand yourself in the context of money and how you relate to it.  Take the quiz to uncover what subconsciously drives your money decisions.


Working with Vuyo has been transformative. She has helped me to effectively reflect on my strengths, my weaknesses, and my attitude towards money. What has been most helpful is how she highlighted what I have already achieved and enabled me to identify and celebrate my capabilities. I now trust myself more when making decisions about money.”

M. Kapinga