Get to Know me


Hello! I’m Vuyo.

I am a behavioral money coach. I help people who desire a more fulfilling life to connect with what is truly important to them so they can create a life that is financially fulfilling.

You are in the right place…


You are in the right place if you have been trying to get your money in order but you find the whole process to be unnerving and uncomfortable.

Maybe you are stuck in a financial rut and cannot seem to figure out how to get unstuck.

Perhaps you just find money to be elusive. You have worked so hard to build your career, climbed up the ranks yet you don’t have anything to show for all your  hard work.

Or maybe you’re feeling unhappy and unfulfilled with where you are in your life.

Believe me when I say, I have been there! In fact this coaching business was birthed from such a place. A place of frustration and feeling stuck.

I had been working as a financial analyst for about four years when I started feeling like I was stuck in a career that wasn’t fulfilling for me. Living hand-to-mouth, I  had nothing to show for all my 4 years of work. No savings, no investments. I did buy a car though (typical), but that is a liability if you ask me.

So I  felt stuck! Stuck in a financial rut, in a career I disliked, and under-utilizing my potential. Needless to say, I was feeling very dissatisfied with where I was in my life. This is what prompted my journey of learning and self-discovery. My quest: financial freedom and finding purpose in my work.

I wanted freedom more than anything. Freedom to be present for my kids, to spend my days serving causes that are close to my heart and to live my life in a way that honors what is most important to me. And I knew that getting my financial act together was key to attaining this kind of freedom. Especially considering that I had wasted four years’ worth of income by creating debt and bills and living beyond my means, instead of saving, investing and building something meaningful. Something had to change. I had to start using my money in alignment with what I wanted for my life.

Along the way, as I was learning to use my money to create this life that I yearned for, I became interested in helping others do the same. And I’ve found that doing so makes me happy. It’s given me purpose. The purpose I had been seeking in my work. So this has become my life work.  And I love it here. I love helping people use their money to create lives that fulfill them.

“I believe that each one of us deserves to live a life that makes us truly happy. The kind of life you look back on with true contentment knowing you lived true to yourself and to your values”

Designing a life that is fulfilling financially and otherwise requires us to get in touch with what is truly important to us and to understand our deepest needs, wants and desires. And then consciously take steps to live our lives in a way that honors those things. But finding the answer to what it is we truly seek is not always as simple. For the answer is most often buried in our subconscious mind. And often, we need a little help unraveling our subconscious thoughts. That is where I come in.  

I’m guessing the reason why you are here is because you desire a more fulfilling life and you recognize that money is a big piece of that puzzle. Perhaps you need help getting unstuck or you need help learning how to use your money in a way that honors the things that you value. Maybe you’re not here for that bigger picture, maybe you need help with identifying possible blind spots that are keeping you from accomplishing a specific financial, career or life goal. Or you just need someone to help you break old money habits and keep you accountable as you implement new ones. Whatever it is you seek, I will meet you where you are, and we will work together to help you find financial fulfillment.

“My approach to money has differed for the better from being an impulsive spender to a more systematic one. I like how her coaching methods led me to personally realize that I had developed a spending pattern that could be attributed to my experience with money growing up”

T. Dlamini

5 Random Things About Me


I cannot start my day without a good cup of coffee


My favorite way to unwind is to put on some good music and dance my heart away.


I am the only woman in our house and my boys (hubby and two kids) spoil me. This little family of ours is my everything.


I am a bit of a wandering soul and would trade material things for travel and meaningful experiences with the people I love any day!


I love food. Not a foodie, but I do appreciate delicious food. One of my favorite things to do is to explore local quiet little restuarants.