There is a quote by Dallin H. Oaks which says “You can never get enough of what you don’t need because what you don’t need wont satisfy you.”

I was reminded of this today when I was researching how to use YouTube for business. And the quote came to mind, perhaps my inner wisdom gently nudging at me. The truth is, I know that I don’t need all of that for my business. I don’t need to be on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, I don’t even NEED to be on Instagram. Because I am in the business of building relationships and all that my business really needs is for me to go out and make real connections and build real relationships with people. I know that sales rarely occur outside of a conversation. And so what my business needs is for me to be having real conversations with people. That’s honestly how I get clients. But here I am on this particular day, going off on a path to distraction, trying to distracting myself from the real work that I should be doing. 

Have you experienced the same struggle? Where you find yourself caught up being busy with everything but what you really need to be doing. I think for me this comes from a place of insecurity. Feeling like I need to be doing what everyone else is doing because that is apparently what I need to run a successful business.  I think, for most of us, it is true that we cannot get enough of what we don’t need. We are, in fact, addicted to what we don’t need.

In the context of money, notice how we can’t stop spending on what we don’t need and cannot seem to focus on what matters, which is creating good money habits. In the context of relationship notice how we struggle to detach ourselves people who are not good for us or people who are emotionally unavailable rather than focus on nurturing relationships with people who bring out the best in us. In the context of work and business notice how we tend to spend our time being busy with things that do absolutely nothing for our revenue and spend less time on what really counts for our bottom line (like how the first order of the day is replying to emails and not on working on tasks that really matter.)

We just cannot get enough of what we don’t need!

The problem with this addiction is that it takes our energy away from what is meaningful and what is needed so that our success is limited, our growth is limited and we are in constant wonder why things are not working out as we hoped they would and so we strive even harder at the things we don’t need. May I plant this seed in you today. Make the choice to focus on what really matters. Whether in your Money, your Relationships, your Business, your Work. Focus on what really matters for your success, growth and happiness. I reckon that is where we might find true satisfaction and fulfillment.

Let me know what you are taking away from this. What are you addicted to that you don’t need? What are you committing to cutting out?