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A personalised journey to transform your relationship with money

When I was in a point in my life where I felt stuck and unfulfilled, money coaching is what helped me to find myself and to connect with what I truly desired for my life. This was through a process of unravelling my money story, healing painful money experiences, and learning to use money to build a life that is meaningful.

This has not only brought about meaningful change to my finances, but it has spilled over to other aspects of my life. It has made me more connected to my values, it has given me permission to build the life that I want for myself, and it has made me kinder and more compassionate in my relationships. I invite you to experience the power of money coaching for yourself.

Live Workshops 

Ready to get your money act together?

I host live workshops to equip you with practical skills and tools to help you manage your money successfully.

You will learn how to set powerful financial goals, create a budget, pay off debt, start investing in your future, and everything you need to create a financial plan for your life.

Employee Financial Wellness

Financial peace and wellbeing for your employees

Financial stress is considered a major source of distraction and disengagement in the workplace. And more and more employers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for employer interventions in supporting their employees’ financial wellbeing. I work with companies to develop a financial wellness program tailored to each company’s unique needs and circumstances. My holistic approach to financial wellness integrates financial education and behavioral money coaching to ensure real transformation and lasting changes in money behavior.